Apreutesei ArtWork


This page is an invitation to enter my online gallery. Should you want to meet me in person in my workshop, please let me know (I have provided contact data in the specific tab). We can also meet during exhibitions, stay tuned for upcoming events.

My vision on the world and the ways I see the nature and life are shown in my artworks. I invite you to visit this online gallery and experience the colorful mood of life!

These artworks are part of a collection entitled Spira mirabilis, my theme choosen for National University of Arts (UNARTE) graduation project.I was inspired by the golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers and spira mirabilis in nature and I have created a series of artworks resembling these shapes (sunflower head, nautilus shells, galaxies, stairs, whirlpool etc.) Green is a dominant color of the background of the spiral series along with yellow and blue, to celebrate the renaissance, the ballance, the growth, the light, the optimism, hope and harmony.

© 2011 Dorin Apreutesei.